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Don’t DIY Your Insulation

Don’t DIY Your Insulation

Why You Need Professionals to Apply Your Spray Foam If you’re one of those people who likes to take on projects and solve all of your home issues yourself, it may be tempting to consider insulation a DIY project. It isn’t. There are many considerations that only professionals will take into account. If you go


7 Myths about Insulation …Did You Know These?

When the weather gets colder, many people turn their attention to insulation. But there are many misconceptions about insulation, and we’re here to debunk the myths. The following are some common beliefs about insulation that aren’t necessarily true. Myth #1:  R-value is the most important measurement of good insulation.  If you’ve been reading this blog,

How Architects Can Improve Energy Efficiency

How Architects Can Improve Energy Efficiency

Don’t Miss These in Your Design Plan! Of course, there are many factors that are considered in an architect’s design plan. One of these has to be energy efficiency. And there are several options for improving or updating a building structure to improve energy efficiency. When retrofitting a building for better energy efficiency, there are


Insulation Tips for Builders

Secrets That Many Contractors Don’t Know During the summer months, rain storms and flooding may turn your attention to waterproofing. How can you ensure that your home will be sufficiently protected from water or moisture issues? Insulation, as well as other factors, is key in water prevention. In addition, building owners and contractors need to work together


Summer Solutions: Why Spray Foam Insulation is the Cooler Choice

The dog days of summer are certainly here, and your air-conditioning is probably running non-stop. Remember, proper insulation won’t just trap cool air inside, it will keep it inside. Did you know that 90% of single-family homes are under insulated? If you want to keep temperatures comfortable while saving on energy bills, the professionals at


Surprising Facts about Insulation – 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Whether your home is older or newer, insulating with the right materials in all of the right places is key. In our blog, we provide advice and guidelines for many of the insulation issues you may struggle with. Today we’re focusing on some facts you may not have known about. Insulation isn’t only about controlling


Top Spots to Insulate in Your Home – 4 Must-Do’s

We talk a lot about the benefits of various types of insulation. However, it’s equally important to make sure you’re covering the areas that are most vulnerable to gaps and cracks, as well as moisture. Here are the four most critical spots to install insulation. This is only a sampling, and you’ll want to check

Hidden Dangers That Can Destroy Your Insulation

Hidden Dangers That Can Destroy Your Insulation

Now is the Time to Give Your Home a Check-Up Your home is your greatest investment. And so much of what you do to protect it goes unseen. Such is the case with insulation. Properly installed, high-quality insulation material keeps you comfortable, while preventing undesirable things from getting in and compromising the comfort—or structure –of

Insulating Metal and Steel Buildings

Insulating Metal and Steel Buildings

What You Need to Know When insulating your company building, there are certain factors to consider. The first is what material the building is made from. Metal and steel construction is highly durable, however, those materials are among the most difficult to insulate effectively. Panels made of steel and metal don’t protect from outside temperatures.


Insulating Your Company Building

What Matters Most in Commercial Insulation If you’re a business owner, you know how much the work environment affects productivity and overall comfort. There are three categories of insulation products for commercial and industrial use—mechanical insulation, HVAC insulation, and insulation for buildings. Today we’re spotlighting glass mineral wool, an insulation product that works effectively to


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