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How Icynene Spray Foam Can Soundproof Your Building Structure

Architects and Acoustics: How Icynene Spray Foam Can Soundproof Your Building Structure

With the construction of commercial buildings, architects aren’t always considering acoustics. Why is this? That’s a good question. In 1895 the science of acoustics was treated seriously when a group of Harvard students had trouble hearing the professor. So cushions, believed to absorb excess sound, were taken off the seats of another room and brought


Business Owners: Your Building May Not Be As Energy Efficient As You Think

If your business is located in a climate that requires constant heating for a comfortable work environment, this blog’s for you. Thermally-efficient buildings are now a necessity, for both environmental AND economic reasons. That’s why low-energy buildings are now the standard that businesses are striving to achieve. How can you make sure your building is

Do You Need More Insulation?

Do You Need More Insulation?

What to Look for Winter is here, and that can mean a lot of discomfort if your home hasn’t been insulated properly. How do you know if your house should be insulated, re-insulated, or have additional insulation installed? Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind: The age of your house In the 1920s,

Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical Insulation

Compare and Choose the One That’s Right for You Often when you think of insulation, you think of it in terms of saving energy and keeping temperatures comfortable in your home. But insulation is also essential in keeping out noise and ensuring greater privacy. If you live in a condominium, you know first-hand that there


Common Issues with Wet Insulation and their Solutions

Wet insulation can cause many issues inside commercial or residential structures. In commercial buildings, when the steel frame is exposed to wet insulation it results in structural damage from corroded screws and wall tiles and rusting steel studs. Matters can get far worse when ties loosen over time, causing excess structural movement resulting in cracked

acoustical insulation

Facts about Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical insulation is often considered on the same lines as thermal insulation, and most people think that if they have managed to make their homes cozy, they can enjoy good sound proofing as well. However, this may not be so, as many different aspects have to be considered for acoustical insulation. It is definitely not


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