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How Spray Foam Can Help Architects

How Spray Foam Can Help Architects

Best Insulation Solutions for Commercial Buildings As an architect or builder, you want to be able to be creative and, at the same time, achieve the highest standards of insulation. That’s why spray foam is the premier choice for both traditional and non-traditional buildings. Design Elements. Using state-of-the-art application tools, we at Superior Insulation Company

Where are You Losing the Most Heat in Your Home

Where are You Losing the Most Heat in Your Home?

Greatest Sources of Heat Loss in Winter When the fall days and nights get chillier, and with winter right around the corner, now is the time when many homeowners check to make sure they’ve done everything to ensure their homes will keep everyone warm and cozy—and energy efficient. The truth is, even if you have

Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose

Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose Insulation: Which Is Better?

In this blog, we’ve discussed the benefits of spray foam insulation, particularly Icynene Spray Foam. We recommend the use of it although, in some situations, it may be too expensive for your budget. Fiberglass costs less, and is a common choice for insulation material. If you’re struggling to decide what type of insulation to use,


Get Rid of Your Old Insulation

What’s in YOUR House and How to Dispose of it Safely Today there are better, more effective options for insulating your home. And the best way to go about removing old, potentially hazardous insulation is to call on professionals who know what to do. But first, here are some of the facts, in case you


Business Owners: Your Building May Not Be As Energy Efficient As You Think

If your business is located in a climate that requires constant heating for a comfortable work environment, this blog’s for you. Thermally-efficient buildings are now a necessity, for both environmental AND economic reasons. That’s why low-energy buildings are now the standard that businesses are striving to achieve. How can you make sure your building is

Home Insulation for Southern Indiana

7 Questions to Ask When Insulation is Installed in Your Home

7 Things You Need to Know First When you decide to have your home insulated, or have additional insulation installed, you should ask questions of the company you work with to make sure they’re the best choice. Do they have a good reputation? Among the first things you’ll want to know is how long they’ve

What to Expect when Your New Home is Insulated

What to Expect when Your New Home is Insulated

Step by Step You’re excited that your new home is being constructed. Now it’s time for the insulation process. How should you prepare? What can you expect during this time? How long does it take? Here we take you through the process: Step 1 Research contractors in your area and be selective about whom you

Adding Insulation to an Older Home

Adding Insulation to an Older Home

Insulate smarter, save on your energy bills Adding insulation to an existing, older home is different from adding it to a new construction. If you live in a newly constructed home, the builder will provide you with information concerning what type of insulation you have and where it is. Older homes, however, are a different

Lowering Your Energy Costs with Insulation

Lowering Your Energy Costs with Insulation

What You Need to Know before Winter With winter right around the corner, you may be thinking of ways to lower your energy bills. At Superior Insulation Co., we work with both residential as well as commercial customers to provide the most cost-effective insulation solutions. How much insulation do you really need? Sometimes you’ll see

Zero Energy Home

Using Insulation to Design a Zero Energy Home

Zero energy homes consume extremely low amounts of energy, energy that can often be generated using solar panels. To use low amounts of energy and reduce the dependence on inexpensive fossil fuels, these homes are designed to reduce heating and cooling costs. Depending on climatic conditions, most homes in the US have heating and cooling


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