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Concrete Raising: The Latest and Greatest Method

Concrete Raising: The Latest and Greatest Method

When you’re focused on running a business, the last thing you want to deal with are problems that begin small, but end up becoming very costly later on. A good example of a problem that seems small but can easily grow into something big is that crack in your sidewalk. Have you noticed cracks like


Concrete Raising, Save Money, Get Better Results

What causes concrete to crack, sink or become uneven? There are many factors, but it’s usually the effects of time. Over time, water infiltration of the subsoil can create holes and spaces that eventually damage and weaken the existing foundation. Animals may make their homes in some of the spaces created, which can add to

Polyurethane Concrete Raising

How is Polyurethane Concrete Raising better than Mudjacking

Mudjacking is the traditional technique of raising concrete, whereas using polyurethane is comparatively new and more costly. While both methods are similar, polyurethane concrete raising, has some distinct advantages and benefits compared to mudjacking. However, first, it is important to note why mudjacking has been preferred, and whether its popularity really measures up to its


Spray Foam Insulation For Giving Structures a Solid, Even Foundation

Nature can be fickle especially where man-made structures come into contact with Mother Earth. Settling soil, erosion especially where drainage was not properly installed before construction, growth of large trees, ice in climates with severe winters and seismic activity can all cause concrete foundations to buckle and become uneven. Any building resting on an uneven


Top 5 Myths of Insulation

Ceiling Insulation Despite what a lot of people think filling the ceiling with insulation will not result in heat escaping out of other areas of your home. What can really happing is if these areas are poorly insulated. When it comes to insulation there is what we call R-values. R-values are recommended by the U.S.


Polyurethane Concrete Raising Is Raising the Bar, One Slab At A Time

Sunken, uneven concrete sidewalks or walkways? Uneven sidewalk slabs are a tripping hazard waiting to happen and with each new season this hazard worsens! Don’t fret! Polyurethane can remedy your concrete ailments without breaking your bank. What is polyurethane concrete raising? Polyurethane concrete raising, also known as ‘foam lifting,’ is the latest and greatest technique


Is Your Concrete Uneven? We’ve got the 411 on Concrete Raising!

Uneven concrete is a common problem and, as winter weather approaches, can be downright hazardous to deal with! Cracks in the concrete and settling of the surfaces can occur due to improper installation of the concrete, the passage of time, the ground shifting and severe or inclement weather. Unfortunately the result is an uneven and


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