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Zero Energy Home

Using Insulation to Design a Zero Energy Home

Zero energy homes consume extremely low amounts of energy, energy that can often be generated using solar panels. To use low amounts of energy and reduce the dependence on inexpensive fossil fuels, these homes are designed to reduce heating and cooling costs. Depending on climatic conditions, most homes in the US have heating and cooling

Determining Insulation Levels in an Existing Home

Determining Insulation Levels in an Existing Home

One of the best ways to reduce energy consumption and lower your energy bill is to ensure that your home is properly insulated. This is because heating and cooling are the major users of energy in a home. If it is a new home, the builder might be able to provide you with details of


Potential Problems with Spray Foam Insulation

How to avoid pitfalls before you insulate your home As with all major home projects, you should be aware of pros and cons before you proceed. When it comes to insulating your home, it’s not a do-it-yourself project. You should work with a contractor who is knowledgeable and comfortable answering any questions you may have.

Some Options for Insulating Cavities in Older Homes

Some Options for Insulating Cavities in Older Homes

Older homes often have poor insulation because of the stud cavities. To improve their insulation and energy efficiency you have to use an insulating material to fill in the stud cavities. Since the cost of replacing the walls can put a serious dent into your bank account, you need to look at the various options


Preventing Fire Hazards in Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the best thermal barriers for a home since it has the best R-value compared to different types of insulation. However, exposed spray polyurethane foam can be a fire hazard and may require intumescent or thermal barrier fire coatings depending on the application. Secondly, building codes also specify installing some


Common Issues with Wet Insulation and their Solutions

Wet insulation can cause many issues inside commercial or residential structures. In commercial buildings, when the steel frame is exposed to wet insulation it results in structural damage from corroded screws and wall tiles and rusting steel studs. Matters can get far worse when ties loosen over time, causing excess structural movement resulting in cracked

roof insulation company indiana

Some Fundamental Facts about Roof or Attic Insulation

More than a quarter of the heat that you pay for is lost due to the roof of a non-insulated structure. Hence, when you think of saving money on utility bills, insulating the loft or roof of your home should be a foremost priority. However, insulating the attic or roof has its own set of

acoustical insulation

Facts about Acoustical Insulation

Acoustical insulation is often considered on the same lines as thermal insulation, and most people think that if they have managed to make their homes cozy, they can enjoy good sound proofing as well. However, this may not be so, as many different aspects have to be considered for acoustical insulation. It is definitely not

Close-up of Polyurethane Foam filling Gap

Cellulose Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

When you want a cozy home, carefully consider the type of insulation you want installed. Selecting the right insulation is often a daunting task, and it is best to consult highly experienced professionals like Superior Insulation Co. to make the right choice. Spray foam and cellulose are usually the two main insulation options you would

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Insulating Farm Barns to the Highest Degree

Insulation requirements between farm barns differ plenty since a barn is used for different things. If you are planning to insulate your barn, you may need a customized job depending on your requirements. It is normally always better to consult a professional service such as Superior Insulation Co. that has many years of experience in


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