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Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose

Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose Insulation: Which Is Better?

In this blog, we’ve discussed the benefits of spray foam insulation, particularly Icynene Spray Foam. We recommend the use of it although, in some situations, it may be too expensive for your budget. Fiberglass costs less, and is a common choice for insulation material. If you’re struggling to decide what type of insulation to use,

Some Options for Insulating Cavities in Older Homes

Some Options for Insulating Cavities in Older Homes

Older homes often have poor insulation because of the stud cavities. To improve their insulation and energy efficiency you have to use an insulating material to fill in the stud cavities. Since the cost of replacing the walls can put a serious dent into your bank account, you need to look at the various options

Close-up of Polyurethane Foam filling Gap

Cellulose Insulation vs. Spray Foam Insulation

When you want a cozy home, carefully consider the type of insulation you want installed. Selecting the right insulation is often a daunting task, and it is best to consult highly experienced professionals like Superior Insulation Co. to make the right choice. Spray foam and cellulose are usually the two main insulation options you would

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Spray Foam vs. Traditional Fiberglass Insulation

Compared to using fiberglass, polyurethane foam is a relatively new material used in insulation. When it is sprayed into ceilings or walls, it develops into an airtight seal. Spray foam is available in two types, closed cell, and open cell. Closed cell, as it is denser, has an R-value of around 7 per inch compared


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