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Superior Insulation Co. is committed to providing the best products available on the market so that we can provide the most energy efficient buildings possible. What separates Superior Insulation Co. from our competitors is our tremendous understanding of the insulation business and the products we offer. We challenge you to find someone as passionate about insulation and energy savings as we are! We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their homes and buildings and enjoy the energy savings for many years to come. Feel free to contact us on any questions you may have on the following products:


Closed-cell polyurethane foam

Offering a superior insulation R-value of 7 per inch and an air barrier at just 1.25″, closed-cell polyurethane foam provides optimal energy efficiency as well as occupant comfort, health, and safety.

Combining air impermeability and high insulation R-value translates to a highly energy efficient building that costs significantly less to own over time.

Open-cell polyurethane foamOur open-cell polyurethane foam offers advantages that no other open cell foam can provide.  A truly water-blown product means it has no chemical blowing agents similar to other open-cell foams.  Open-cell foam offers a more cost-effective solution than closed-cell foam while still providing excellent thermal performance and elimination of air infiltration.

Open-cell foam is a very versatile product that can be installed in many applications and can also be used for sound control.


  • Walls
  • Basements / Crawlspaces / Foundations
  • Floors
  • Roof-lines / Ceilings
  • Metal Buildings
  • CMU Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Duct Work
  • Waterlines (exterior Wood-burning stoves)
  • Exterior storage tanks

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Roof-lines / Ceilings
  • Metal Buildings
  • Duct Work
  • Sound Control



SPFA ABAA  Accredited BASF
GACO Western Demilec Dow Building Solutions

Cellulose insulation provides excellent thermal resistance at 3.8 R per inch and provides an excellent deterrent for air infiltration. Made of 80% recycled material and requiring no carcinogenic labels or other health warnings, cellulose is truly an environmentally friendly product with tremendous energy saving benefits. Cellulose insulation also provides an excellent answer to sound control. Densely packed cellulose provides superior performance to sound transmission when compared to fiberglass. Cellulose is a versatile product that can be installed using different methods depending on the application.

Wet-spray Wall System

Cellulose can be sprayed into open wall cavities following the electrical and plumbing rough-in process.

By using this method of installation, cellulose is densely packed around all boxes, wiring, and piping thus eliminating the voids and air pockets common with fiberglass insulation.

This absence of voids ensures optimal thermal performance and resistance to air infiltration.

The wall-spray system also ensures the insulation is densely packed into the cavities and will not settle over time.


Cellulose can be blown dry into attics and other open spaces to create a tremendous thermal and air barrier. It can be sprayed directly on top of existing insulation materials to create additional energy savings.

Did you know that 3″ of cellulose insulation provides the same thermal performance as 9″ of blown fiberglass when installed in attics at 4 degrees Fahrenheit? Cellulose can also be installed in the walls and ceilings of existing homes.

This can be accomplished by drilling holes in the exterior or interior walls and pumping cellulose into open cavities.

This will significantly improve the performance of the home and also create a quieter environment for the


  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Attics
  • Metal Buildings
  • Sound Control
CAVITY FILL PUMP FOAM144_CoreFoam Cavity fill pump foam provides an alternate solution to empty cavity insulation. It provides superior R-value at 4.6 R per inch and expands to ensure there are no voids in the cavities. Installation is performed by pumping foam through holes drilled in block, brick, or any other material where cavities are needed to be filled. Traditionally used for block buildings, cavity fill pump foam can also be installed in existing homes and buildings where no insulation currently exists. This provides a much more efficient and comfortable building.

  • Block core fill
  • Walls of existing homes
  • Open cavities


  • Spray Polyurethane Foam – the same products shown above can be used in conjunction with other accessory products to create an air barrier system that also provides the insulation, vapor barrier, and drainage plane.
  • Fluid Applied – these products are spray applied to create a monolithic barrier that stop air infiltration into a building. There are both vapor permeable and vapor barrier products that can be used depending on the design of the wall assembly
  • Self-Adhered (Peel-and-stick) – these products are self-adhered membranes that are installed on the wall to create an air barrier. These also have both vapor permeable and vapor retarding versions depending on the wall assembly
  • Mechanically-fastened or Sheet Good – these products provide more cost-effective solutions to air barrier systems but require strict attention to installation per manufacturer’s instructions in order to perform


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