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Spray Foam Benefits You Need to Know About

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As the colder months approach, it’s time to pay extra attention to what’s going on in your home. Are your energy bills too high? Do you have super cold floors? Is there condensation on your windows? Do you notice drafty rooms, while others are fine? As a homeowner, being aware of potential issues is the first step in identifying and solving problems that might otherwise cost you a great deal down the road.

Insulation Products

At Superior Insulation Company, we offer a variety of products and services. We recommend spray foam insulation, and we’re licensed Icynene® Spray Foam contractors.

Why Spray Foam Makes a Big Difference

You may have traditional insulation in your home now—batts of fiberglass that were put in long before you moved in. You could remove it or add more insulation if you think it’s necessary. If you do choose to add new insulation, consider spray foam.

What makes spray foam the best choice? It’s the only insulation material that can reach into areas that traditional insulation materials aren’t able to. It can protect ductwork, areas behind electrical outlets, places where you couldn’t fit other insulation. In addition to this benefit, a little goes a long way. It takes much less spray foam to achieve the desired R-value because it expands when it’s applied, covering a greater area. And for those homeowners who care about the environment, spray foam is also a greener choice than some other products. It releases fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air.

Two Major Types of Spray Foam

There is closed-cell spray foam and open-cell spray foam. Closed-cell is typically used for exteriors, able to navigate narrow spaces, as mentioned above. It’s a little more expensive than open-cell, but has a high insulating performance rating.

Open-cell also gives you high insulating power as well, and is often used for interiors. It can be installed for a significantly lower cost.

Icynene®: An Air Barrier That Packs a Punch

When Icynene® Spray Foam is applied, it acts as an air barrier, which keeps the cold air from coming inside, and holds in the warm air. Icynene® Spray Foam adheres to most substances: wood, concrete, steel. Icynene seals walls, floors and ceiling cavities against air movement.

Did you know that your home “moves” with different seasons? No, we aren’t talking about an earthquake. Your roofs and walls may expand and contract, depending on the temperature outside. When you use a product like Icynene®, it accommodates this expanding and contracting, so you won’t have any gaps where air can escape.

Keeping Out the Cold—and the Mold

With autumn well underway, rainy days and even major storms pose a threat to your home’s structure. If you’ve installed Icynene® Spray Foam as your insulation, you can rest assured, because it’s water resistant. This means it keeps moisture out, which is good news if you don’t like mold inside your house.

The bottom line: All of the benefits of Icynene® Spray Foam add up to two important things—more comfort for you and your family AND lower energy bills.

Which type of spray foam—or other insulation product—you use depends on your needs and the area you want to insulate. That’s why it’s always a good idea to consult with insulation professionals, like the ones at Superior, who can help you choose the best product or products for your next home insulation project.

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